Epson stylus color 850

Epson stylus color 850

Post by Jed Rogg » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Has anyone successfully gotten the ESC 850 to print at a reasonable

I'm running RH5.1 , kernel version 2.0.35 and ghostscript version 5.10.
I'm using the 'Stylus Color' driver from the control-panel.

The printer is capable of 1440x720dpi, but even when using the 360x360
option in control-panel, the printer crawls at about a page per 2 min
when printing the postscript test page.

Eventually, I'd like to get the printer to print at it's max resolution,
but right now I'd be happy to get it working reasonable at 360x360.  
This printer was listed on:

as working "perfectly".  I'm curious if others have had such an


1. apsfilter and epson stylus color 850

Hi All!

Has someone already tried to connect an Epson Stylus COlor 850 printer
to a Linux box with apsfilter/ghostscript installed?

If yes, does it work well? Are all resolutions supported? Is it worth
buying such a printer?

Thanks for your comments!

Marc Balmer

PS: If possible, please reply by Email.

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