Bizarre CDROM problem: No Audio ...

Bizarre CDROM problem: No Audio ...

Post by Oliver Cor » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00


The Subject line says it: No audio.

I have Red Hat 3.0.3. running on a 486DX266, ASUS motherboard, SCSI
HDD, Mitsumi8xspeed CDROM connected to IDE port as master
(/dev/hda), there is no IDE HDD,
        mount/umount:   OK
        read:           OK

And etc. etc.

Yet when it comes to play Audio CDs using cdp or xplaycd then the
tracks are accessed but the sound volume is reduced to ZERO. I boot
DOS, run the CDROM setup utility. Audio CD sound is there again. I
reload linux, sometimes sound still there, sometimes gone.

Similar experiences?

Sincerely yours,



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12159 Berlin  GERMANY


1. Bizarre CDROM mounting problem

I have a Red Hat 6.2 setup on a 486 box.  Until this
morning, I had been able to mount my CDROM drive
with 'mount /dev/cdrom'.  Well, last night we had a
power failure, and Something Happened.

Now Linux complains that the CDROM is not a valid block
device. I thought maybe the drive itself was damaged,
but I can boot from a DOS floppy and read from the drive
just fine.  But in order to make it work in DOS, I have to
disconnect a tape drive which is the slave on the
CDROM's IDE channel.  This may not be new behavior:
I don't believe I've booted to DOS with both devices
attached, since the tape drive is a recent acquisition.
But even with the tape drive disconnected, the CDROM won't
work under Linux.

With both the CDROM and tape drive connected, neither device
works under Linux.  The tape drive fails with a message
that the device is not configured.   I also get a message
about an unhandled interrupt.

As indicated above, the CDROM alone
doesn't work in Linux, though it does in DOS.  But the
tape drive does work alone in Linux, if I reset the jumper
to make it a master on its IDE channel.  I'm untarring
some files from it right now.

Since both devices work in some context, that seems to suggest
that there is no physical damage to either.  I've tried
disconnecting both devices, so that Linux removes them from its
configuration.  And indeed, on reboot after reconnecting them,
Red Hat Kudzu detects and configures the devices -- but they
fail in precisely the same way.

Any idea why the devices won't work together in Linux?
Why would a power failure make this happen?
And how can I make them work again?

-- Paul

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