Linux 4.0 and NT 4.0

Linux 4.0 and NT 4.0

Post by Greg McNicho » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Attempting to install Linux on my NT 4.0 Compaq box partitioned (using
NT Disk Administrator) as follows:

2G IDE Drive:
c:\ FAT >> include O/S and apps

4G SCSI Drive (piggy backed off my CD-ROM):
e:\ NTFS >> volatile partition for NT cache and backup.
d:\ NTFS >> partition I set aside for Linux installation.
f:\ FAT >> primary apps partition.
g:\ NTFS >> swap for NT.

I create the Boot/Root disks, reboot, and try autoprobe to detect the
SCSI CD-ROM (an NEC Multisync). I get the error:

mount failed: block device required
could not mount a CD on device/dev/scd0

Any suggestions?



1. -= NT 4.0 Server for RedHat 4.0 =-

Hi all,

This is not a joke and I am not trying to "fight" about OS's. I have a
Windows NT 4.0 Server package with 10 users license, unregistered, that I
am willing to trade for Linux RedHat 4.0 Package. I know it sounds funny,
since NT is way up on $$, but it is not a joke (although I do not care
about NT at all).

Anyone interested, please email me directly or call me to the number on my
sig. The person willing to trade will pay for shipping expenses.


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