pnp SB16

pnp SB16

Post by Carl » Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a plug and play sound blaster 16 which i can't get to work in
slackware 3.0 I know that there is somekind of patch for redhat 4.0 to
get it to work, but can i use this patch for slackware?



pnp SB16

Post by Steve Kerma » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I also have a pnp SB16 and I was able to get it to work in Slackware 3.0
but it was tricky. First of all, the pnp configuration manager must set
the IRQ's, and interrupt and ide ports etc on boot, so you must COLD
BOOT to DOS first and then do a WARM BOOT (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to boot LINUX.
I use LILO.  I also had to "append= hdg=cdrom ide3=0x168,0x36e,10" to
pass an argument to LILO to give the exact port address, irq, interrupt,
etc.  If you check the configuration manager that was intalled when you
set up your soundblaster in windows it will tell you which ide you are
using, the port address, the interrupt etc. for your setup. The problem
is that the soundblaster uses non-standard values for ports and
interrupts and you must force the kernel to use your values.  It can't
seem to autoprobe and find them.

Also be sure you are using the bare bootdisk.  DO NOT use the sbpcd
driver. The SB16 is and atapi device, not a proprietary SB device.

Good luck


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