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I use : Slackware 96 kernel 2.0.0

After recompiling the kernel, I got the following errors after


1. More@!!.. Panasonic/SB-CD troubles, trouble, trouble...

  Dear Readers,
       This is the 4th week that I have tried to get Linux to recognize
       my Panasonic SoundBlaster CD- ROM. I have tried to mount it using
       the Soundblaster CD drivers Etc. It is for this reason that I am
       still left wondering...... I have a 486 DX 33Mhz,Cirrus VL 5428
       video, and 16 MB of Ram. When I start Linux from my Boot disk, it
       tells me that it has reconized my CD-ROM and so I feed my Root disk.
               The trouble is that when I try to run Linux Slackware from my CD-ROM
       it tells me, CD Device Timed out and ignores my CD totally.
              As far as I am aware this problem has been reported by lots
       of people with the same CD's as myself.
               Maybe it is '' About time for a correction''. Maybe Panasonic knows
               a ' bit' more than We Do???

       I am open to any reasonable suggestion or idea.
              Thank you.
                M. Rokach.

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