RedHat 5.2 freezes after "Checking 'HLT' Instruction"

RedHat 5.2 freezes after "Checking 'HLT' Instruction"

Post by David H. Co » Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi --

I am trying to install RedHat 5.2 on a Compaq Presario 4532.

I boot from the diskette. Things appear to run fine for a while -- perhaps 40
messages flash across the screen.

But when I get to "Checking 'HLT' Instruction," one of two things happens: (1)
the machine freezes right away, or (2) I get a General Protection 0044 message
followed by a register dump followed by five repetitions of "idle process
cannot sleep," and then the machine freezes. I have to power off/on to get back
to normal.

I need help. I bought the Presario three months ago solely to be a Linux
machine, and I can't get past first base!

I would also welcome suggestions re other places where I might get advice.

TIA -- David Copp


1. What exactly goes on w/"Checking 'hlt' instruction..."?

I have an AMD K6 MMX 266 MHz, AOpen AX5T, 32 MB of RAM (two 16 MB SIMMs),
a Millenium II, and (currently hooked up) a 1.5 GB Maxtor IDE hard drive.
I tried to install Red Hat Linux 5.0; it prints

  Checking 'hlt' instruction...

and then stops.  Initially one might react "Duh...what do you expect if
it executes the hlt instruction," but surely the code is written so that
some sort of interrupt wakes the CPU up.  Something about my system is
causing that not to work.

I'd greatly appreciate information on just what goes on in that portion
of the code; if there is something wrong with the hardware that keeps it
from working, I'd like to fix it.  (I don't have the facilities to read
the source that I presume is on the CDROM in compressed form.)

    James Jones

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