DIP: Error following kernel re-compilation (v 1.2.13)

DIP: Error following kernel re-compilation (v 1.2.13)

Post by S.R.Mar » Fri, 29 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hi,   I hope someone can help me with this little problem !

I have re-compiled my kernel (Linux version 1.2.13) to include sound card
support. No apparent problems with the compilation and sound card works OK.
However, I now have a problem with 'dip'.
Having started dip (using XXX.dip script), my system connects to the remote server and everything
apperars to be OK. A few seconds after establishing the connection, the following message
        "SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such device"
and any attempts to telnet, ftp etc. results in: "Unable to connect: Network is unreachable".
I have compared dmesg's for both new and old kernels and PPP, SLIP and IP protocol messages are
the same so I'm pretty sure that I have compiled all necessary drivers etc.

Does "SIOCSIFFLAGS" mean anything to anyone ???

Hope someone can help :-)
Stewart Marsh

BTW I haven't read all articles for a while so I appologise if I'm going over old ground ;-)


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Any ideas or pointers.....


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