Matrox Mil2 Mandrake7.1 video problem

Matrox Mil2 Mandrake7.1 video problem

Post by Mike Margeru » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have thin blue vertical bars going down the screen.  changing
resolutions and color depth dont seem to help.  any ideas?
Its a matrox millenium ii that runs in windows fine.
I am running  the XServer that came with the distro.  i know its 3.3.x
thanks for the help!
Mike Margerum

1. mandrake7.1 video prob

I have a k6-300 with 64megs newly running mandrake 7.1 deluxe.  I almost
threw this cpu out when, for the 100th time, windows stopped working
right.  I have dedicated myself to only use non-msdos items.  Anyway,
the problem is that when I try to change the resolution to 800x600 the
x-server fails.  The server in this cse being 3dlabs.  I only can get
1024x768x32 to work.  This would be alright but my monitor is only 15".
Too much eyestrain.  Please help.  Everything else is great with the
OS.  Sound was not hard to get working.  Modem, ethernet, etc is working
fine.  Just this video thing is urking me!


Allan Richards
Dulles, VA (no I don't work at AOL)

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