How to install AZT1008 PnP sound device ?

How to install AZT1008 PnP sound device ?

Post by Svei » Tue, 23 Oct 2001 01:38:58

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Sndconfig detects card, but can not configure it.
If I give manually IRQ, DMA, address it works fine,
but then I get error message modprobe Device or
resource is busy.

What next ?


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   Hello !

I have installed Redhat 6.0 and I want to play some sound files.

I use sndconfig and they are an error  in isapnp.conf.
i modify the isapnp.conf.
isapnp isapnpn.conf OK
but i have a probleme with conf.modules.

If somebody can send to me a good conf.modules ?

How to test conf.modules I don't no how-to make (i don't want to reboot)


PS for more details:
I have a Aztech AZT2320 Sound Device  PnP card
io=220 irq=5 dma=1,3
mpu_io=330 mpu_irq=9
game port io=200
that's the config in windows95

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