fun with ethernet card

fun with ethernet card

Post by Andrew Wansin » Wed, 18 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I was well on my way to linux gurudom when this guy says to me
"I'll sell you this groovy ethernet card for $20", well the card was
pretty cool, it had a phone line jack next to the RJ45 connector so
you can dial it and it'll talk to your ATX power supply and that'll then
turn on your computer, so I hand over my cash and off I go.

I thought great, Linux will love this, but no I can't get the * to
work.  It claims to be a HP 27247B.  Linux is supposed to support this
card so I installed as a module.

Loading the 8390 module first and setting the jumpers for a free IO
port (0x2c0) this is the message I receive:

loading device 'eth0' ...
hp-plus.c: No HP-Plus card found (i/o = 0x2c0).
/lib/modules/2.0.33/net/hp-plus.o: init_module:Device or resource busy

I now know the card works (by poking it in a windows box) and I know the
resouces that windows uses to configure the device:

IO      2c0-2df
IRQ     9
MEM     000c8000-000cbfff

Can anyone out there help me (BTW I already tried to build it into the
kernel, that didn't work so I built it as a module so I could try
manually configuring it) please.



1. Ethernet card fun/APM fun

Hello everyone!

Just won a bid on a 486 laptop and alas, it includes no cd-rom.  Since
I am paying $260 for the beast, $150 on a PC Card (PCMCIA) cd-rom
is unecomincal.  So, my theory was to network my desktop and the
notebook via ethernet cards.  I also won a bid on a Xircom 28.8/10
BaseT ethernet combo PC Card for $30 and probably going to win one on
a $2 crossover cable (for connecting two pcs w/o a hub).  My friend
gave me a box of old parts, in which lied an old SMC ISA EtherCard
Elite 16 8013.  

So I'm still waiting on the notework/cable/PC Card, but I'm trying to
get some stuff to work before hand.  The Ethernet card seems to work
fine; I found the drivers for it and in Windows 98 it comes up in the
device manager with the properties reading fine.  I set the card to
IRQ 7 via their software, but it comes up with IRQ 12 in Windows 98?
Weird.  I also have linux on this machine (dual-boot) and have read
bits and pieces about doing an FTP install via an ethernet network.

So today I went into linux and downloaded the Ethernet-HOWTO.  Seems
that the SMC 80*3 series is very stable and well supported.  I don't
like modules, I think they are complicated, so I bulit the support SMC
80*3 driver right into the kernel.  Booted the kernel and alas no
ethernet card.  Ran the diagnostic utility in dos and found out that
the base is 0x260.  So, I editted the /etc/lilo.conf and passed
"ether=0,0x260,eth0" to the kernel.  Still no go.  Any ideas?

If I do start to modualize, how should I go about it?  I already have
sound support bulit-in to the kernel and it works great.  I have to
make bzImage, however, because my kernel is so big.  Are modules
really worth the hassle of de-making the kernel and trying to bulid
support for my stuff via modules?

Any webpages out there dealing with the setup of Xircom ethernet PC

Ok, second question.  Did some web searches and really didn't find
anything.  I downloaded APMD from, because I want to
suspend my system on demand.  I am testing this, because I am getting
a laptop and I want to suspend that puppy as I can with Winblows 9x.
Problem is, either in KDE or the plain-text console (no XWindows),
whenever I issue "apm -s" or "apm -S", the monitor flickers and then
the system drops me back to a console prompt.  What gives?  The
computer doesn't even sleep by itself in KDE, but if I left the damn
thing alone for 10 minutes in the plain-text console, the damn thing
sleeps on me.  What gives?  How can I get it to sleep on demand or at
least with a lot less time?

Thank you,

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