Slow connection to RedHat ftp server?

Slow connection to RedHat ftp server?

Post by Paul Lloy » Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have managed to install Redhat 5 and set up http and ftp. connecting from
a w95 machine to http works fine but ftp says it is connecting and I can
here a short Harddisk actively on the Linux machine but then it is a couple
of minutes before I see the ftp tree appear on the w95 machine.
Does anyone know why the delay and how to change it?
Being very new to Linux I am not sure of any settings etc. All I have done
is installed, let it find my Dec202 ethernet card and used ADDUSER to setup
an account.

Thanks for you help

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I've been using Redhat 6.2 and for the first couple of days..  ftp and
telnet would connect almost instantly.  After that, it takes anywhere
between 30 and 120 seconds to connect.

I upgraded to Redhat 7.1.  And I still get the same problem.  First couple
of days alright, after that the very slow connect times.

On the box when I do telnet/ftp, it connects right away.  Then if
I do telnet/ftp (the IP of the box) from the box, it has the
same slow connection time.

It usually takes more than 5 attempts to log in because the connection times

I have edited the hosts file to include all the PCs.

I read one post claiming this was a Problem with Redhat and its derivatives

Any idea what is going on?


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