RedHat 5.2 install hangs on low memory (8MB) PC

RedHat 5.2 install hangs on low memory (8MB) PC

Post by Oliver Kaise » Wed, 24 Mar 1999 04:00:00

We tried to install RedHat 5.2 on a i486 with 8MB ram. The installation
hangs after SCSI recognition. The floppy never stops working. We can
hear the head move and move and move ...

On a Pentium Pro PC with more ram everthing works fine. But if we reduce
the amount of ram with a kernel option "mem=8M" the same behaviour

Any hints?


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I just bought a PC-Magazine witch included a CD with the latest RedHat
5.2 on it. The CD is for PC's.

Can I use the RedHat part of the CD, when installing LinuxPPC, so that I
don't need to download the RedHat from the internet?

What do I need to download? The Bootx, vmlinux, ramdisk.image.gz?

I want to install LinuxPPC on my G3/300.

One last ? I thought that if you have the right kernel for the processor
you are using, you were able to run all programs for Linux. But this is
maybe not the case, because some db like PrimeBase for Linux will only
work on Intel. Why is that?

Sincerely, Niels Peter

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