can't install mandrake 8.1(rc1) from harddisk

can't install mandrake 8.1(rc1) from harddisk

Post by [lia.. » Wed, 26 Sep 2001 23:51:42

I downloaded Mandrake 8.1 iso file,and have unpacked it.
I have made a bootdisk using hd.img,but it does't work
them I use loadlin.exe to boot,
it works,but when it load system to memory,error occured:

 Could not load program into memory

who can help me?
thank you for reading.

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1. Mandrake 8.1 X-Window won't set up at install

First of all, I'm a newbie to linux, so I'm sorry if I don't get the
terminologies quite right.
Mandrake 8.1 install goes smoothly with one major hitch:  during the X
setup, I cannot get it to work with my combo:  AMD 1.2 Athlon, Soyo K7V
Dragon w/ Via KT266 c/s, Nvidia GeForce 2 MX-200 AGP (with dual output, one
CRT, one Digital for FPD), 512MB PC2100 RAM, Gateway FPD1500 LCD, etc., etc.
It's important to note that I don't even have my CRT plugged in during the
setup, b/c the damn video card uses the CRT as the default monitor if it's
plugged in, and I hate it.  Another note:  Mandrake 8.1 worked fine on the
CRT when I did a prior install on the same machine.  (don't ask why I need
to reinstall, sad story).  Anyways, the Gateway flat panel is on XFree's
list of supported monitors during setup, but the exact video card I have is
not.  I have a GeForce 2 non-DDR,and the  only GeForce2 on the list is a
DDR.  No matter though, I tried it with all of them.  Whenever I go to test
it using whatever variances I attempt, the test image is all scrambled, or I
get some kind of error message.  Setup completes, but then I can only use
linux in command-line mode (which, with me being a newbie looking for a
Windows alternative, is absolutely useless to me.)
BTW, is the new RedHat version much different/better/worse?

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