Official RedHat vs. non-offical...

Official RedHat vs. non-offical...

Post by lngu.. » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Ok, I have a little dispute w/ my friend.... we're bascially just
getting into linux, and we got the cheapbytes version.... well, my
friend has run across a lot of probs w/ the setup of all the files,
they aren't done right, according to some progs he installed.  Also,
he says that the offical red hat is different form the other
distributions (other than the extra stuff... i'm talking about the
actual setup).  Is that true?  Is the official red hat better?

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Dear comp.os.linux.misc,

I currently run RedHat 5.2 and am planning to upgrade to 6.1. I
originally bought 5.2 in the official RedHat distribution, complete with
manual (not bad) and technical support (pretty poor the one time I
needed it), and this time around I just need the new files. I was about
to buy from cheapbytes (or someone similar) when I noticed that RedHat's
official version is said to include some additional software that is not
freely distributable, and that is not, therefore, part of the cheapbytes
alternative. What I can't find is a description of what this additional
software is. Can anyone advise?



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