RedHat 5.2 -> RedHat 6.0 Upgrade Problems

RedHat 5.2 -> RedHat 6.0 Upgrade Problems

Post by mike_si.. » Sun, 23 May 1999 04:00:00

My RedHat 5.2 System worked perfectly!  Now that I upgraded I am having
a few problems, and need someone to tell me where the problem lies.
For starters, when I get connected to the Internet, my cacheing DNS
doesn't work!  I can't do nslookups!  PPP is working b/c when I issue
an 'ifconfig' it reports that the PPP0 interface is up.  The
/var/log/messages reports my ISP's DNS IP as an address for queries.  I
can ping the ISP DNS.  It's almost as if my DNS packets are not being
returned to my computer.  What's the problem?  I use gnome-ppp (part of
the gnome-network-1.0.rpm) to connect (if that makes any difference).
Where is the problem?

Also, I am having problems with ESD with a SoundBlaster 16 PCI card.
Kernel sound support is great.  When I use ESD (like the sound effect
for GNOME or playing MP3's) ESD plays the file really slowly!!! (It's
takes about 6 times as long to play the file)  Is there a way to speed
up ESD's relaying of data to /dev/dsp?  If so how?

Help will be appreciated!  If you need any further information, let me
know.  I will post follow-up messages.  Thanks in advance!

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1. INSTALL Redhat 6.0: yet another 5.2->6 upgrade question:

All the ftp'd rpms files have been moved the primary and only linux
partition (aside from the swap one) and are located in /RedHat. The
subdirectories of that are "instimage", "base", "image" and "RPMS", with
all permissions and system / system own/grp.

I made the boot.img floppy from the 6.0 dist and all the files are off
of sunsite's 6.0 directory.

The symptoms of the problem:

- I boot off the floppy by hitting enter at the prompt
- boots without problem and asks the usual install/upgrade questions
- all goes fine up to the point where it asks where distribution is
- I choose the proper partition /dev/hdc5 in my case
- it goes off and mounts probably and scans and then
  comes back and asks me if I'd like upgrade or install
- I say upgrade and it says "scanning install files", I think.
- returns with an error that "No RPM database found".

I know redhat has very specific ideas on what that RedHat/RPMS directory

stucture should appear to be like and I thought I'd done that


there's about 338,283 .rpm files in the RPMS directory.

        appreciate any clues,, tia,,


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