dynamic slip connection - my dip script

dynamic slip connection - my dip script

Post by Chris Patters » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,
        As of late, I have noticed that there have been several posts relating
to problems with writing scripts for dip for connection to systems which
supply a dynamic ip number.  As I have just written such a script for my own
use. (well actually I hacked the script example from the Network
Administrators Guide - a fantastic document and I highly recomended it for any
new linux user).

Of course as part and parcel of the script is the login system as supplied by
the provider (Which I have taken from my pc - so the speed settings are

Incidently, suggestons for improving this script would be gratfully accepted.



-------------- Providers Screen ----------------

Annex Command Line Interpreter   *   Copyright 1991 Xylogics, Inc.

Checking authorization, Please wait...
Annex username: "My Username"
Annex password:

Permission granted
*                Welcome to the ITS Terminal Server.                      *
*       ***** This service is for ANU Staff and students only ****        *
*                                                                         *
*    WARNING:  It is a criminal offence to:                               *
*         i.  Obtain access to data without authority                     *
*        ii.  Damage, delete, alter or insert data without authority      *
*                                                                         *
*      Please select host or required command at the prompt               *
*                                                                         *
*  0   Connect to huxley                                   *
*         1   Connect to leonard                                          *
*         2   Connect to library                                          *
*         3   Connect to other ANU hosts via Telnet -                     *
*                type <open 'hostname'> at the telnet prompt              *
*                eg: telnet> open leonard                                 *
*         4   Exit from the Terminal Server                               *
*         5   Change password for terminal servers                        *
*         6   Brief documentation of dial-in service                      *
* Type 'help' at the prompt for additional commands                       *
*                                                                         *
* Please report any difficulties in using this service to the             *


IMPORTANT! After 9 October 1995 the service on 1234567 will require a
           dial-in account username and password. If you do not already
           have a dial-in account, application forms are available from
           the ITS Help Desk or from the Campus Information System at

csctsa 29: slip

Switching to SLIP.
Annex address is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.  Your address is yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy.
---------------------- Cut Here --------------------------

and a copy of my dip script

---------------------- anu.dip -------------------------
# dip script for connecting to the ANU Terminal Server

# Setup debugging variables
#echo on

# Setting local name and address
get $local patto.anu.edu.au

# Modem setup strings

# Set the port to COM1
port cua0
# This modem is a 9600 but lets let it choose it's own speed
speed 9600
# Modem type
modem HAYES
# reset the modem and tty
# flush out the modem response

# Prepare for Dialing
send ATQ0V1E1X1\r
wait OK 10
if $errlvl != 0 goto error
dial "phone number"
wait username 10
if $errlvl != 0 goto error

# OK, we should be connected now.
if $errlvl != 0 goto error
send "My Username"\n
wait password 10
if $errlvl != 0 goto error
send "My Password"\n
wait scts 30
if $errlvl != 0 goto error

# We should now be logged in - time to fire up SLIP
send slip\n
wait SLIP 10
if $errlvl != 0 goto error
get $rmtip remote
get $locip remote

print CONNECTED to $rmtip with address $locip

# Make this link our default route
# Time to go into slip mode ourselves
mode SLIP

# Fall through in case of errors

print SLIP to $remote failed
----------------------------- Cut Here ----------------------

                  Chris Patterson | The Australian National University

             Anonymous Darts Area | ftp://coombs.anu.edu.au/pub/alt.sport.darts


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Chuck Irvine
Serior Member of Technical Staff
Systems & Networks, Inc.                                FAX (913) 841-1345
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