Moving Linux Hard Disk

Moving Linux Hard Disk

Post by Ian Mace » Sat, 07 Jun 1997 04:00:00

My Linux partition is on my secondary IDE master disk.

I used to have three hard disks (primary IDE master and
slave, and secondary IDE master), but have now removed
my primary IDE slave.

Needless to say, my Linux boot floppy no longer finds the
Linux partition... So I can't boot Linux :-(

Anyone know the procedure to patch my boot floppy with
the new disk details?




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1) create a lilo boot disk with lilo, and the kernel on it (email me if you
   need to know how to do this too)

2) install the new drive in the system, create a filesystem on it, and
   mount it on, say, /mnt

3) copy the filesystem over, making sure to preserve permissions, and
   exclude /mnt and /proc.  Some ways to do this are

cp -a -x / /mnt
        note that the -x means only stay on one filesystem, so if you
        normally have more than one filesystem mounted, you'll need to copy
        those over, too.

( cd / ; tar --atime-preserve -l -p --same-owmer -v -cf - / ) | ( cd /mnt ;
tar --atime-preserve -p --same-owner -xf - )
        but all as one line...

4) after veryfying everything looks good, you can remove the old system,
   reboot off of the boot disk, and re-install lilo on the new disk.

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