NEWBIE question: Trying to install... hard drive troubles.

NEWBIE question: Trying to install... hard drive troubles.

Post by MINGUST » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

Hello all.. I am trying to install RedHat 5.0 on my WIN95 OSR2 system.
AFAIK, I don't see it as FAT32 under win F-disk. I try to install, and I
do know Linux reads the drives as Hda, Hdb, etc etc.

I get past the first few screens and when it tries to read the drive to
assess the partitions, it tells me my 5.1 Gig Maxtor drive has a corrupt
partition. This can't be true, because I have ran norton for 95, Fdisk,
and scandisk for '95. My Chipset is a 430VX, so it's a touch older.
AFAIK, again, I don't beleive I'm running Max-Blast or the like
(Translation software). It is partitioned under LBA as

Drive C: 1.97 Gig
Drive D:  850 meg (the HD I intended to install to, drive D: because it
is set as the secondary master, not part of the 5.1 gig)
Drive e:    1.97G
Drive f:     827Megs

Is there some compatibility issue with LBA I don't know about? or what
is going on?
BTW, the 5.1gig is only two weeks old, and passes all the checks I can
put it through.

I skip the drive, and then it sees HDC by itself, which is the 850 I
want to install to, but I need LILO to start from the  first partition
of the 5.1 gig so I can (hopefully) run either or.

Do I need a new boot disk image or something with support for the bigger




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