Mandrake 7.2 on Intel VC820

Mandrake 7.2 on Intel VC820

Post by Kevin Swanso » Wed, 14 Mar 2001 05:09:41

I recently switched back to the Intel Processor and Motherboard from Asus
and Amd.  Completely Zeroed both hard drives and installed Win 98 on 40GB.
Trying to install Masndrake 7.2 on 20 GB.  Install goes fine until reboot,
then system hangs at "stage 1_stage 2.

Current IDE configuration:
ide1 40GB
ide2 DVD
ide3 CDR\W
ide4 20GB

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



1. Mandrake 7.1 vs Mandrake 7.2 ?

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IMO 7.1 was considerably more polished and stable, in my experience at
least, but it included what now seem like horribly outdated versions
of everything, even though they were pretty current at the time of its

I expect a new distro today to have kernel 2.4.x, glibc 2.2 or later,
XFree86 4.02 or later, a *working* gcc, KDE 2.1, and a very recent
version of Gnome.  SuSE 7.1 has all these, as will Mandrake 8.0, to
the best of my knowledge.


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