modem/setserial/stty request

modem/setserial/stty request

Post by Greg Be » Wed, 28 Dec 1994 06:09:29

Hi, I installed 1.1.59 and the latest stuff from
All is working fine EXCEPT the modem- a Supra 14.4 internal card.
Setserial correctly shows the modem's default irq and h/w address,
and that the uart is a 16450.

The modem works fine with wfw3.11/procom, but when Linux is booted,
neither seyon, kermit, or cu can operate.

Could some kind soul with a working modem and recent kernel please
mail me their modem port configuration? Please type:

Remember to replace YOUR working modem device name for '/dev/cua2' !


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Where is the 'right' place to put these commands to have them execute
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  Robert Merithew
  merithew at uiuc dot edu

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