Help! RedHat 4.1 install fails with DPT SCSI

Help! RedHat 4.1 install fails with DPT SCSI

Post by Greg Herle » Thu, 13 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Before you flame, YES I am using the booteata_dma.img boot disk, NOT
the module based boot disk.

Here's my problem:  I'm trying to install RedHat 4.1 onto the following

AST Manhatten Server, Dual Pentium 90
32 Mb RAM
onboard Cirrus Logic VGA chipset
onboard NCR SCSI
second SCSI:  DPT3224A SmartRAID SCSI Controller
two Seagate ST31230N 1.0Gb hard drives
1 Sony 4x CDROM

The DPT is operating in it's non-raid mode - ie, the drives are seen as
/dev/sda and /dev/sdb.  I am presently only using /dev/sda ( the other
will eventaully become a mirror drive), and it is partitioned to have
~64Mb of swap space.

I read the errata and made a new bootdisk using the booteata_dma.img image, to
avoid the problems with modules (after I tried modules and failed, of
course - eh, read the manual?  er, yeah, what a good idea...).  So, I
disconnected the cables from the onboard NCR SCSI thing, hooked the CDROM
up to the DPT SCSI card (so the CDROM can be read, since the image does
not have an NCR driver in it) -  it boots fine, lets me partition, format,
select packages... looking good,

UNTIL it gets into the package installation.  It gets partway into the
copying and just freezes.  A hard reboot is required.  It has done this 5
times now, and it freezes at different places each time (yes, frustation
is a common theme...).

I tried installing NO packages (just the base system), thinking I'd use
RPM to come along later and install...  perhaps the install script has a
problem?  Nope, that didn't change things; smae effect.  It did seem
odd that the base system had so many packages in it (80 something, as I
recall)...  should it have that many?

So, it just freezes.  FYI, I have installed WinNT 4.0 (I know, I know...
that's a sin... but I am *trying* to repent it!) and all was well.  Both
CPUs were happy, the DPT *and* NCR controllers were running (the NCR was
handling the CDROM, the DPT the hard drives).  So I know the hardware
is OK, or at least NT thinks it's OK.

Any ideas?  I *really* need to get linux up and running on this box -
it's gonna be a dedicated application server for a research project...  
I had tried 3.0.3 and it choked on the SCSI problem too, so I bought a
copy of 4.1... and now it isn't working either.  

Help!!!!  I've asked RedHat support for help (it's a registered copy)
but the Net has always come through for me in the past, so I figured
nothing wasted by asking here.  Mucho thanks in advance!

Greg Herlein
Vallejo, CA


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