Fax Broadcasting

Fax Broadcasting

Post by d.. » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

My company wants to replace an old ESIX/SVR4 fax broadcasting system with
one based on a Linux platform.
I recall that there used to be some fax stuff available at SGI, but I can't
find it now.

Are there free/share/commercial fax broadcasting platforms for Linux?

We are open to buying the specific hardware required.
It doesn't even have to be "user friendly" as the existing system certainly
isn't ;-)


                - Pope Valley & Napa CA.


1. Broadcast faxing for Linux

Hello everyone,

I have a Linux system running a fax server based on mgetty.  It uses
respond.exe to provide access to my Windows 95 clients.  All this works
pretty well with some reservations.  

There is no broadcast fax capability.

Does anyone out there know of a Linux fax solution that allows for
broadcast faxing.  This does not have to be a GNU solution since we
will entertain a commercial package that will do this.

Any information would be appreciated.  

Marcel (Free Thinker at Large) Gagne

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