Gateway video chipset/ Red Hat installation

Gateway video chipset/ Red Hat installation

Post by Ben Mos » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install Red Hat 6.0 on a Gateway PC that was bought new
in Sept.'98.  The video chipset is supposed to be a "Chromatic Research
Mpact 2 Integrated Video Chipset," but I didn't see anything resembling
that in the list of video card choices.  When I choose "Unlisted Card,"
the screen resolution is not good enough (I don't know the technical
term; i.e., it is 400x300 (I just made up numbers) instead of 800x600).
Has anyone had any experience installing it on a Gateway before, and can
tell me what to put?  Or is this a software problem that can be fixed in
Thanks for your help,
-Ben Moss

If I said anything that is not technically correct, please forgive me.
I'm new to linux.
   //       Ben Moss, KI0PX       //

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