SCSI timeouts during boot - command to ignore?

SCSI timeouts during boot - command to ignore?

Post by J. Scott Walto » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am running RedHat 6.2 with an Adaptec 2940U2W. I recently added a third
harddrive on the SCSI chain and begin getting SCSI timeouts. I replaced the
cables and terminator with Granite Digital and haven't had a SCSI timeout
for 5 days, except with Linux! During the boot, it attempts to get to drive
8 (the new drive and gets a a timeout and goes into an infinite loop waiting
for that drive. These are the same symptoms that I got before replacing the
cables.  The same machine has Win3.1 w/PC DOS 7 + Win98 + OS/2 + NT 4.0 +
Win2000 and all of those are running fine (no logged timouts for 5 days,
since I replaced the cables).  Linux has no partitions on the third drive
(single NTFS primary partition). If I physically remove that third drive,
Linux boots fine.

The SCSI chain has:
    ID 0 - boot disk - 9GB
         1 - 18GB
         3 - DVD-RAM
         4 - CD/ROM
         5 - CD R/W
         6 - DAT tape
         7 - Adaptec self address
         8 - 36 GB drive

I would like to set Linux to ignore this drive completely - is there any way
to do this at the boot prompt? Obviously it is a trifle difficult to make
changes to this system as the only way to boot it is to power down, open the
case, pull the SCSI cable, power up and boot and use it. Or might it be
something else wrong?

J. Scott Walton


1. SCSI timeout during install.... :-(

-Hello all,

I am trying to install Solaris x86 2.4 on my new system. But I have
yet to succeed.

My hardware:

Tyan 1668 dual Pentium Pro Motherboard (Fx440 chipset)
2x 200Mhz/256K cache processors
64 Mb 72x36 (parity) memory
Serial mouse (on DOS COM1)
Buslogic Bt958 Multimaster Ultra Wide SCSI Host Adapter
2x Quantum Atlas 32150 Wide SCSI drives
Diamond Stealth64 Video 3400XL PCI v2.1 4 MB

And yes, I do use the "Solaris 2.4 x86 Driver Update 10" floppys.

When I boot of the floppys my system gets identified correctly.

1) Solaris/x86 Multiple Device Boot Menu
   Ok.  I choose Code 11 for my SCSI CDROM

2) It lists:  bla: /kernel/drv/blah blah mapped to \DRV\blah

3) It then reads:  << Current Boot Parameters >>

   Boot args: kernel/unix

then it churns away on the floppy for many long minutes, with the
occational blink from the CDROM drive,... then the dial starts revolving....
then... after many more minutes it prints:

WARNIG: .....(disk0) timeout.....
WARNIG: .....(disk0) timeout.....

I have tried to "disable everything" in the Bios setup AND Host adapter
setup, and I have disconnected one of the drives and I have
tried to install with a Sony SCSI CDROM ....
Yes I have also tripple checked my SCSI-bus termination, I have removed
all but the host adapter and the video card...

tried with ANOTHER Disk, Quantum Fireball 1,2 Gb (narrow SCSI)...

same result

To begin with I had a Adaptec AHA2940UW, which of course was not even
detected, then I imported the buslogic 958 in hope that it would solve
my problems.

What am I doing wrong? Did I forget something? The system runs like a charm
with Linux.

Any help and/or suggestions most welcome! :-)

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