Q: Booting Linux directly off Jaz Drive

Q: Booting Linux directly off Jaz Drive

Post by ma.. » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'd like to add Linux to the operating systems on my machine.

My current setup includes OS/2, DOS, Win95, and WinNT.  These
OS's are selected through the use of BootManager.  OS/2 is on
a logical partition, DOS is on a primary partition, and win95 & winNT
have the bulk of their files installed on a Jaz disk.

So... Can I add Linux to the BootManager menu and have it boot
completely from the Jaz Drive.  If so, how do I do it?

Thanks in Advance


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1. Linux booting off a JAZ drive

I have a Jaz drive on a Advansys SCSI card. I would like to run
Linux off of a Jaz disk. I don't know how to partition the disk.
I am running Win95 and can not get the DOS fdisk to access the Jaz
drive. The Linux fdisk thinks the disk is one big DOS partition
and will not let me change it. Has anybody done this who could
give me some advice on what I should be doing?
If what I should be doing is reading the HOWTO, please let me
know which one.


Ken K

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