Boot Disk Cannot Find Hard Disk.

Boot Disk Cannot Find Hard Disk.

Post by David Efflan » Sat, 09 Sep 2000 13:12:37

>Ive RH 6.0 install in my laptop.I created a boot disk from RH 6.2 CD in
>another system.
>Used the boot disk (floppy) to boot in my RH 6.0 laptop and was told cannot
>find hard disk in my system.
>Must I transfer the Base and RPM files in other for the boot to find the
>hard disk?

If it is a plain old boot disk where you copied vmlinuz to the floppy, it
could be that / on this system is a different partition than / was on the
other system.  In this case you would need to use rdev to tell the kernel
on the floppy which /dev/hd is /.

I am not sure how you would boot a LILO floppy for this, but there may be
info in the lilo docs.



1. Boot Disk Cannot Find Hard Disk.

What type of boot disk.  Do you see LILO or just

<kernel stuuf>
failed to mount root on xxxxx

If it the latter, then determine what the root on the laptop is and from your other
system do (with the floppy in the drive do

rdev  /dev/fd0  /dev/<whatever the root is>


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