The perfect linux box?

The perfect linux box?

Post by Sher » Tue, 29 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hey all,

I have my linux box up and running smoothly now for about 9 months.
But, I have a weird hardware setup that is very anti-linux.  My
soundcard doesn't work, and my CDROM won't mount.

Well, I was thinking of getting a second box and networking them
together.  (I'll prolly turn the first into a good GUI like Winblowz or
BlowS/2 so I can run Adobe crap).

Anyways, what would be the perfect linux setup?  I was thinking of at
least 16 MB RAM, 1G-2G HD, 28.8 or ISDN modem, SCSI ports (CDROM,
scanner), and a printer.  What specific items do I need to purchase to
acheive the best, fastest machine without running into hardware or
software incompatablilities?  (oh yeah, include X, also).

Please send off e-mail (or post) if ya can help,






Hello Everyone,

I've volunteerly taken-up the task of building THE ULTIMATE LINUX BOX.
...but I need help who has had EXTENSIVE linux experience. My background
in UNIX is limited to proprietary UNIX releases....

The primary concern is FULL DEVICE SUPPORT.

I need to find out all the aspects (video,scsi,eide,cpu,memory,planar,etc...)
that LINUX will support. In other words, I am looking for a list of
SCSI Host Adapter that LINUX support (the most efficient pci based),
What is the best video card that can be used under linux (4mb vram pci),
Basically, this is an opportunity for the LINUX Gurus to earn $50.00.
(Sorry that's all I can afford :) )

with the suggested hardware for Linux.
NOTE: Please don't respond to this note as a I don't check
news often. By end of July I would need to have a compiled list of the
hardware that I need to order for the company.....

Now whoever's suggestions I decide to choose (ie: the most number of hardware
picked from a particular email), will be awarded $50.00 by end of July.

Sushant Garyga

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