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I want to install pgcc on my system, but it requires me to update my libc
and binutil. What is the easiest way of doing this? Can binutil and libc be
found in rpm format?
I am running suse 5.2

1. pgcc + libc = sig6

Hello - I am trying to compile libc 5.2.13 using PGCC.   Here's what works:

Making GCC patched with pgcc 960426 _or_ pl9 works. (3 stage compile)

Compiling libc 5.3.12 using regular GCC 2.7.2 works.

But compiling libc 5.3.12 using PGCC 960426 OR pl9 compiled with -O6 or -O2
with or without -frisc always gives a Signal 6.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?  I'm pretty sure it's not
a hardware problem, because I have stress-tested the system using 5
concurrent, independant kernel makes with no problems.

If anyone HAS successfully compiled libc 5.3.12 using PGCC, please post
or email me your configuration and steps.


  - Zak
"if you admit what you care about -- beware: someone will pervert it." - me

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