Dual boot 2000/Red Hat installation locks both OSs

Dual boot 2000/Red Hat installation locks both OSs

Post by Pierre Alex » Wed, 30 Jan 2002 07:13:59

I have installed Windows 2000 on a 30 GB disk partioned in 2 GB units,
all of them FAT16 but for E: which is NTFS, where NT is located.
This is on a system including PIII 500 MHz, 132 MB RAM, MS-6163VA
mbd, TNT2 agp, CDROM, 30GB HD.
I then installed Red Hat 7.2, (server configuration) and automatic
partition would not work as I got a complaint about an "inconsistent
partition table".
I then manually partitioned with Disk Druid  deleting the partition
corresponding to D: and all the partitions corresponding to the upper
14 GB. My 50 MB /boot went into the former D: area. The 1 GB swap, 2.5
GB /home, 2.5 GB /usr, 2.5 GB /tmp, 2.5 /home, 2.5 GB /var in the
upper free area of disk, and I made a new partition for the remaing 2
GB in the former D area.
After install, the boot from the Linux Lilo floppy will not complete
and stops:

"couldn't find matching filesystem: LABEL /var"
"error during filesystem check"

(the /var directory does exist, in fact)

Initially I had left half of the disk unpartitioned after W2000
install, and I still got the "inconsistent partition table".

To make matters worse, W2000 won't start as it complains that
ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt!

I'd be grateful for advice about getting Linux to boot and where I
went wrong and messed up 2000 boot as well - this is a real mess - I
don't have a single OS left!