Running consoles with low scheduling priority?

Running consoles with low scheduling priority?

Post by Carlos Moren » Sat, 12 Jan 2002 12:58:54


I'm wondering if there's a configuration option such that whenever
I run a shell, it runs in "nice" mode (or even nicer than nice,
say, with priority +15).

I often need to login (e.g., via SSH) to a system that is running
a software that I don't want to bother -- I normally run any of
my commands with nice in front...  But sometimes I forget, and
then I run a command that takes three minutes of intensive disk
access... (OUCH!!).  At least, if I could guarantee that *every*
command that I run will come from a console that was on nice mode
(and thus the app. itself will run in nice mode -- right?), I'd
be happier.

Anyone has good news for me?  :-)

Thanks for any info/pointers!



1. Scheduling of low-priority background processes


Actually, something similar was implemented. New process flag was added,
and when process did syscall, it lost SCHED_IDLE flag, and it was returned
to it when it went back to userland.

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