Mouse malfunctioning

Mouse malfunctioning

Post by Iván Buile » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

When i move my mouse in a virtual console i see how sometimes it makes a
jump to another zone of the screen.  In X-Window it makes the same thing
and makes impossible to work that way.  Both gpm ans X-Window have the
mouse configured as a microsoft mouse. I tried to recompile the kernel
(a 1.2.13 and a 2.0.x) and i found  the same behaviour.  I dont know
what else to do.


1. Help: MDK10/Xfree86 4.3 - malfunctions of mouse clicks on left side screen

Just fresh installed Mandrake 10 (Community) on my integrated motherboard
System generally works fine except that when I click on a menu entry on
the left side of the screen (and ONLY on the side) it disappears (both in
Konqueror and GQview so far).

PC: Elite (Socket A - Athlon XP) L7VMM2 MoBo with an integrated S3
ProSavage8 128b 2D/3D AGP X4 graphic controller. During installation
Mandrake automatically picked the nearest option - S3 Savage4.
Graphic memory: 32 MB (same as BIOS setting).
Res.: 1024x768
Kernel: 2.6.3 (Mandrake 10)
XFree86:  4.3 patch level 29 mdk

Has anybody any idea how can I resume full functionality?


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