RH4.3 & FD-TMC850 setup problem...

RH4.3 & FD-TMC850 setup problem...

Post by Wes Yat » Wed, 12 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone fluent in Redhat install or setup help me with a problem. I
have tried in vain to set up my Future Domain TMC-850M scsi card for the
past two weeks. The RH4.3 installer just won't recognize it. I have an
ABIT PX5 Mainboard with an Award bios if thats any help. the Future
Domain I think has a ROM BIOS and the chip says its a Future Domain 950
v8.2. Do I need to set jumpers (irq3 isset now and memory address
c8000-cbfff i think)? Do I need to not run the autoprobe? How and what
arguments or options would I need to set. Must I do this once I've
installed the system and then install the driver/setup later?

The kernel is 2.0.30 and its a RedHat 4.3 distribution. I got it from
Linux Systems Labs. I read section 5.14 of the SCSI-HOWTO, but that
didn't really mean much to me.

If anyone can explain this seciton to me I would be grateful!!!!
Thanks to all in advance!!!!!!!!!!

-Wes Yates


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My 486DX has one IDE drive where I have Linux Red Hat 2.0.3 installed.

This works fine except that my additional installed SCSI harddisks
cannot be seen from Linux.
My SCSI controller (FD-TMC850) works fine and recognizes the drives
during the boot up procedure. In earlier days I used this computer as
a Novell 3.12 Server, and within Novell, the harddisks could be
accessed fine.
Anyone knows how to make the harddisks visible to Linux?

Peter Stehlik

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