Where is FAQ for ftp

Where is FAQ for ftp

Post by Ralf Kneemey » Sun, 17 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi !

Where can I find a FAQ for setting up a ftp-site ?



Ralf Kneemeyer.              Offenes Usenet Team, Westfalen.de


1. UnixWare FTP sites for my FTP sites FAQ?

The next edition of my SCO FTP sites FAQ will be coming out in a few
weeks.  I'd like to expand it to include any popular UnixWare FTP sites
that exist.  I already know about the Freebird / ex-USLE archive &
mirrors.  If any other useful archives exist, please let me know.  The
previous version of the FAQ is at


For each site I need the host name and directory(ies) under which to
look.  If possible, also include the name and email address of the
archive maintainer.

I'd especially like responses from archive maintainers themselves...


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