INN with an INN uplink using NNRPD server

INN with an INN uplink using NNRPD server

Post by B'iche » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

        I am currently running Leafnode 1.4-7. and I am  NOT a Happy
Klingon. Every now and then their server will not let me post an artical
Leafnode bombs with error 441 and 400 errors. As sometimes they want
my password and sometimes they want my username. IT seems Leafnode is
not too smart to figure the equation   out of what is wanted.
        They are running Inn  ver 1.4 but they are using the nnrpd
server, not the nntpd server, can a downlink Inn 1.4 talk sucessfully
with an inn system using nnrpd? I do not relish the aggrevation of
dealing with inn 1.4 but I got it. and they (SNET INTERNET) are using
the same thing, IF I put inn up. can my system talk to theirs??  and
for my local use. can I use the nntpd module and disable authentication so
programs such as SLRN or pine or TRN or RN will work with the news system?
or would Cnews be a better choice for someone that has about 200MB of space
free on their Hard drive  network. (System spans 3 Scsi Hds. two 380mb and
one 40mb (which is swap only)). I read the inn setup instructions. one hell
of an ugly job I should say.
        I also and considering putting another 80mb Scsi and possibly a
72mb MFM drive also online.
        Another fine question. is, how can I get a list of newsgroups and
descriptions? I would like to  have this list. its similar to the fidonet
BACKBONE.NA file. and I like to browse it for interesting   computer groups
to read.
When a Klingon  goes to Linux.  It means one must respect the Klingons
pride and honorable decision to work their  computers to their fullest
        Linux is Proudly displayed  to all my friends. and I help  get
others going  on this powerful  alternative to the  watered down mush
served by Microslop.

1. Inn news server: nnrpd processes don't exit

    I'm running Inn 2.2 (21-Jan-1999) on a Sparc 5 with 192MB memory under
Solaris 2.6.

    Sometimes, nnrpd processes don't get killed after readers (users) close
the connection so the CPU goes 0% idle as more users get connected.
    They stay as 'sleep' processes (not zombie) until some shell script I
made kill them.

    I switched to cnfs storage method, I don't know if this has to do with
it. I wonder if this can be solved changing inn version or just changing
some configuration option. I already tried less connection timeout for
clients, but didn't seem to work.

Thanks in advancel

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