X-windows monitor config

X-windows monitor config

Post by CPM2 Alex Agranov 33 » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm a novice in Linux - just installed Red Hat 5.0 on my system, so, please, don't be angry if the following question will look too "dummy":

Can anyone help me configuring my MAG XJ500T 15in. monitor under X-windows?
This monitor is not included in Xconfigurator knowledge database and there are 2 main points:

1. How can I set my refresh rates in 800x600 and 1024x768 modes to 80Hz - currently I'm able to run only 800x600 at 72Hz, or 1024x768 at 76Hz. I know that there is XFree86 config file which is in charge of this, but I can't figure out necessary line for 80Hz (I know my vert. frequency, but there are also 8 more numbers). Could you, please, just give me a corresponding line from your working system?

2. How can I turn on green functions of my monitor? It supports DPMS, but system doesn't seem to recognize this.

Thank you in advance,

Alex Agranov


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I purchased Linux Mandrake 6.0, I have installed it about 8 times...very
succesful except for configuring my monitor...I have a Unisys, and the
problem is that I have no stats on it because the comp I have was given to
me, therefore no monitor manual or anyting to go on...it says it detects a
video card, just the monitor settings need to be setup I have almost tried
every configuration possible, and everytime I set it up I reboot go in,
and the interface for X-Windows looks like total crap, and when I log in
to my Linux box, I open up one application, close it and it still remains,
only like part of it closes, est remains, looks like a refresh problem ,
but I have no clue, and have no expirience at ALL besides installing Linux
Mandrake...PLEASE HELP!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated..THANK

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