SMP - Howto's or docs plz

SMP - Howto's or docs plz

Post by Allan M. Stewar » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Can someone please point me to some docs for SMP (symmetric
multi-processing). I would like to get some use of my second Pentium.
I've seen reference to it in the new kernel I just built (1.3.75), but
don't want to blindly change configs.

Allan M. Stewart


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Does anyone know where I can locate a set of {subj} for HPT?

I've been trying to configure it so that I won't have to keep booting OS/2
to toss my mail, but it keeps giving me an "atleast one route must be
specified" error. {sigh}

If only I understood C code, I could use it. But alas, I'm merely a humble
Pascal programmer, lost in the world of #defines and #includes.

Thanks in advance. All helpful responses will win a donut.


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