ftape Trakker parport setup problem

ftape Trakker parport setup problem

Post by sale.. » Sat, 30 Dec 2000 04:47:24


I recently attached a Colorado Trakker 250 tape unit to the parallel
port on my old Win95/Linux P130 box.  I previously had an Iomega Ditto
2GB running there until it broke.  Under Win95, the trakker drive is
seen at 0x378 IRQ 7 and operates correctly.  Under Linux (kernel
2.0.twentysomething + ftape 4.04a) the drive is not found during
bootup, with dmesg complaints that the trakker module can't grab

I've tried rebuilding the kernel without PRINTER support, with
PRINTER support, and with PRINTER support as a module without
affecting the outcome.  I've also played around with modprobe
settings and /etc/conf.modules settings to force the 0x378 and
IRQ 7 directly instead of autoprobing.  The latter silences the
dmesg complaints, creating later messages about drive select
failures with a -6 error (ENXIO).

The only thing that I can think of that has changed in my system
configuration since I had the Ditto 2GB parport drive is that
I added a sound card.  The /proc information shows the sound
card coming in at a different base address and IRQ than the
printer port, as one would expect, so I am stumped.

Any ideas?

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