slackware bare.i boot problem : Error 0x10

slackware bare.i boot problem : Error 0x10

Post by <roman.. » Mon, 26 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I used rawrite to make my boot disk with bare.i.  I have an 850M hd
with a 300M active dos partition and wanted to use the rest for Linux.
When booting using my linux boot disk, nmo matter what parameters I use,
it runs for about 30 seconds, then gives me

Error 0x10

could someone tell me where I'm messing up? Thanks, Steve Romanow


1. Error 0x10 when booting from BARE.I-rawritten disk

I would like to install Linux to my second machine. I got the
BARE.I-file and used RAWRITE3 to write it to a 1.44 floppy. Then, when I
tried to boot from that disk, the machine first showed me the intro
text, then the LILO boot: -prompt (or something like that). Then, when I
press enter, it says something like Booting ramdisk... and then it says
Error 0x10 and hangs.
What is wrong? I tested with a couple of BARE versions, but it won't
work. Now the version is 3.10.0 or so (Slackware96)
My computer is a 486 DX2/66MHz with AMD processor and Award BIOS. It has
4MB of RAM and a 170MB Conner IDE HDD. I am installing Linux from
floppies, not from HDD.

_Please_ answer by E-mail, since I do not usually read this newsgroup.
If you try to answer by news, I don't get your great piece of advice! :(


-Matti Juvonen

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