HELP!! Broken 1.3.24 login

HELP!! Broken 1.3.24 login

Post by Randy Hisl » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00

After compiling 1.3.24 (had 1.1.15) I can no longer log in as root!

I can log in as anybody else, though.  I cannot rlogin as root or su
to root.  Root processes such as root cron jobs do not run, either.  Here
is a reply from a compuserve forum..... does anyone have anything to add
to it?  Does he seem to be on the right track?


I had a very similar problem some months ago; at least the symptoms seem to
be the same. The solution was, that one of the daemon processes got hung at
boot time, and when you sign in as 'root' in such a situation, this
'zombie', which belongs to the root process group, gets something like
'attached' to the process group representative with tty-I/O (in this case
the 'root' login shell). To check out whether this also happens to your
systems, log in as any other user and try a 'ps -aux' to see if there is a
'strange' CPU usage for daemons and processes like these.