Help: cannot install any slackware package on Versa 4080h

Help: cannot install any slackware package on Versa 4080h

Post by Juping J » Sun, 10 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I tried to install Slackware 3.3 on my NEC Versa 4080H, it already has
Win95 installed. Linux boot disk and root disk goes smoothly. When I tried
to install the 'A' set disks, linux told me that it is unlikely that the
disk in floppy drive is 'a1', so I skip to 'ap' set, and the same problem
happened.  Then I downloadded the 'a1' disk again, setup linux from
scratch. But same problem occurred again when I installed the 'a' set
disks.  Linux just cannot recognize the disks, or any set of disks. What's
wrong with my installation? Any suggestion will be appreciated.(please
send a copy of reply to this email account)

Juping Jin


1. Help: X didn't run normally on Versa 4080H.

After some struggles and tries, I got X window 'run' on my NEC Versa
4080H. HOwever, half times, it started with bars on the screen; some
times, when I quit from it, the screen turned from white to dark or fill
with bars. And also, one time, 20 minutes after it started normally, the
screen turned to green bars. I don't know what's going on. One possible
reason is incorrect HorizSync and VerticSync frequencies. Since I lost my
manual, I don't know the actual number and instead, I used the number from
a web site with not exactly the same computer.

I wonder if someone has the same computer and successfully config X
window, or if you know someone has the same computer, tell me know the
frequencies number. I called NEC technical support, they said they cannot
find those number.

The video card used on this computer is: Chips & Technologies 65545, with
1 mb ram, 800x600 resolution, TFT color.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Juping Jin

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