Install Redhat:PCMCIA failure

Install Redhat:PCMCIA failure

Post by Knut Barte » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00


I just got stuck with the installation of Redhat 4.0 on my Sharp
PC-3070 notebook. After booting from the linux floppy I tried to
load the supplemental disk with PCMCIA support. I need PCMCIA support
to install from my SCSI-cdrom which is connected to the PCMCIA
Adaptec 1460 host adapter. But after loding the suppl. disk it
complains that it can't probe the PCMCIA ports.
Under Win95 everything works well and the CDrom is available.

I checked out the Linux PCMCIA Information pages and found my
PCMCIA card listed there. Could it be a problem with the BIOS setting
of my notebook or is there a problem with Redhat?

Thanks for help,



1. PCMCIA/SCSI Parallel Port install failure

Have spent most of the last two days trying to install Linux on a
Panasonic CF-25 laptop.  The machine has no internal CD-ROM, so I
tried installing it from the following external CD-ROMs:

1) Nero CD-ROM on Adaptec 1460 PCMCIA SCSI adapter

2) BackPack CD-ROM on the parallel port

I tried RedHat 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 and 6.0, then Caldera 2.4, and finally
Mandrake 6.0.

None of these versions offered a driver for the SlimSCSI 1460, despite
my use of the drivers and pcmciadd floppies. I understand the correct
driver is a patched version of the AHA152X driver (which reportedly
autoinstalled fine in RH6.2), so I tried loading the AHA152X driver,
but it failed.

None of the Redhat versions, nor the Caldera, offered any support for
the BackPack CDROM, but Mandrake 6.0 did.  So I started from DOS, and
ran the install program from the CD ON the BackPack CDROM.  But when I
sent autoprobe to look for the drive, the Mandrake installer responded
"can't find BackPack CDROM anywhere on your system".  Go figure!

Is there an off-the-shelf solution?



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