NexStor PCI SCSI controller problems with RedHat

NexStor PCI SCSI controller problems with RedHat

Post by Jeroen van der Zij » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I am having some installation problems with Red Hat.

Upon booting, the SCSI driver goes into an infinite loop.
Prior to that, I get some error message like:

.. aborting due to timeout
..  DANGER: command in running list cannot abort...

Then it starts spewing out the same message over and over again:

.. scsi0: existing issue queue

The SCSI controller card is a PCI controller based around the
NCR 53c810 chip.

My machine is:

Mircon P60

Conner CFP2107S at scsi ID0
Maxtor MXT-540SL at scsi ID 1
Chinon CDS-535 cdrom at scsi ID 6

I have booted with image #36.

I know the controller etc are OK, because they work fine
under windows NT and windows 95.

BTW I have the same problem under Slackware Linux v 2.0

Anyone know what might be going on?



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