Informix SQL (SCO) Has anyone gotten it to run on linux?

Informix SQL (SCO) Has anyone gotten it to run on linux?

Post by tptr.. » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

If you know of anyone who has gotten Informix SQL DBMS for SCO to run on
 linux, please let me know who, how and what?

1. Will Informix SQL and SE version 4.10 for SCO run on OpenServer 5.0.5?

I have Informix SQL and Informix Standard Engine version 4.10 for SCO
Unix running on OpenServer 5.0.4. I want to know if I upgrade to 5.0.5
whether it will still run. I know some older versions will run only up
to 5.0.4, but I do not know about this version.
Thank you,
L. Michael Sweeden
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