installing linux with adaptec & scsi cdrom drive & scsi cdr (matshita)

installing linux with adaptec & scsi cdrom drive & scsi cdr (matshita)

Post by Shlom » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

i have (as windows says in system properties)   Adaptec AHA-
150X/1510/152X/AIC-6X60 SCSI Host Adapter,

also i have 2 scsi drives :  1.  cd-rom scsi - toshiba XM-6201TA
2.  Matsushita (MATSHITA) CD-R CW-7502

ok so i instrall the drivers so it will support in dos and i run the
installtion' and i couldn't get this thing install from the cd-rom

what do i need to do so it will work for me (the icq of the adapter is 10.

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installing linux with adaptec & scsi cdrom drive & scsi cdr (matshita)

Post by Stanislaw Flatt » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi Shlomi!

Quote:> what do i need to do so it will work for me (the icq of the adapter is 1

I do not know what distro of Linux you are trying to install?
In Slackware you create a booting diskette with the kernel that includes
SCSI support. (General or directly for the adapter installed)
This kernel will "see" the hardware attached to adapter and report it.
From this point it is free ride.
There is also the possibility at begining of install to pass info to
"cdrom = scd0" if it is the first CD on SCSI and so on.
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I could be wrong here).

I may upgrade to an Adaptec 2842 VLB controller in the future;
Linux now appears to support that, as of 1.1.54/Slackware 2.0.2.

The DOS partition (igh*) will probably be fairly small,
around 150 MB.  The LINUX root partition is going to be
about 300 MB.

I am not sure whether I will enable extended cylinder mapping
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I also want the option of installing Windows NT and Warp
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extended).  (Can anyone verify this?)

A few questions:

1) Will this work as expected?

2) Anything I haven't covered above?  Is some sort of sneaky
ill-groomed bug/feature/gotcha gonna bite me?

3) Can I dispense with any of the above precautions (e.g.
putting things in the first GB for LILO's sake)?


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