booting linux and watching it over a terminal

booting linux and watching it over a terminal

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I seem to need a boot disk that does not exist yet...

Problem: the machine that is going to run linux has no display, no monitor.
I need to install linux but to do so, I should be able to read the output
of the boot disk in order to answer its questions after booting, throughout
the installation process. But: no monitor, no way of knowing what the
system wants.

I'll have to install linux via a serial link. I.e.: the (in-future) linux
machine gets the boot floppy, and its console (keyboard input and screen
output) should be copied to, or otherwise redirected to, one of its comm
ports. This way, I can connect another machine that does have display
functionality via a serial cable. I can then use a simple terminal package
over the serial line into the linux machine to communicate with it.
Of course, as soon as the linux system is installed, this will be no
problem, as there are many packages to log on to a linux machine serially.
But there is no boot disk that does this from the very beginning, to get
the system up and running.

I asked Tom Fawcett, creator of the bootdisk howto, who advised me to post
my problem into this hopefully enlightening newsgroup.

For short: I want to read the output of a bootdisk on a serial terminal so
I can install the system without a display on the host computer. Any ideas?