Red Hat 5.1

Red Hat 5.1

Post by Felipe de Cab » Thu, 22 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I want to install a Linux Red Hat 5.1 in one machine that does not have
CDROM drive. I read in the documentation that I can install the Linux by
FTP, I have a FTP Server on OS/2 machine. I boot the machine with boot
disk and supplemental disk, create the partition (Native and Swap) and
when the linux try to detect my Ethernet Card (Encore NE 2000
compatible, IO 340 and IRQ 11) linux show me that I don t have any
ethernet adapter. The ethernet run ok under DOS. Could you help me??
Pls, the only way to install linux is by FTP I don t have hard disk
space to copy the \REDHAT directory.


Felipe de Cabo


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Hello everybody - what a beautiful day it is! Let's not get to funked
up, and get yourself a nice little pink flower to put in a orange vase.
Then grab yourself a slice and sit down and enjoy yourself. It can be
done in lot's of different ways -- just go ahead and do it under the
green sun.

Well... Nevermind.

I'm planning to buy Red Hat 5.1 official to replace my Red Hat 5.0 with.
But before I do that I wonder if there are any disadvantages, hazards or
such with RH 5.1, compared to RH 5.0. Is the installation as safe (don't
forget LILO), and things such as X, sound-support, printers and ppp -
are they still well supported, and not buggy or so?

Thanks in advance,


By the way, don't let the opening of this letter make you think that I'm
not serious enough.

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