SiS 6125C Video Card Problems

SiS 6125C Video Card Problems

Post by David Miro » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to install RedHat 5.2 on my PC.  I have a SiS 6125C video
card with 2mb ram.
Unfortunately my card was not supported so I upgraded to Xfree3.3.3.1
where it is supported.

However, the best I can get is 320x200.  I have tried editing the
XF86Config file but to no
avail.  I have searched the newsgroups but to no avail.  I have emailed
the guy who supposedly developed the support but got back an automated
response that didnt answer the quetsion.

Has anyone succeffully installed one of these cards using Xfree3.3.3.1
or Redhat 5.2?

Thanks in advance


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Redhat 5.1 on Intel 133 MHz and a SiS SG86C201 Video card does not work.
Although Xconfigurator does have this card listed, probing the card does not
recognise the amount of memory namely 1 meg, which causes it not to pick up
the clock speed of the card, which causes the devise not to work.

The way that the SiS onboard card actually works, is that it will get Video
RAM from the onboard, installed RAM via setup in the BIOS. However, Linux
does not pick up the fact that RAM have been allocated to the Video card,
thus causing it not to operate.

Any ideas?

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