please help, my OpenOffice's help (and many other things) doesn't work

please help, my OpenOffice's help (and many other things) doesn't work

Post by Hector » Fri, 06 Apr 2001 13:47:00

Hi all,

I just installed redhat 7.0 a couple days ago (this is my first time with
linux). I was able to get my X and internet working (I am posting now from
netscape 6), but I can not get OpenOffice to work.

I downloaded version 619 and the install ran fine, but when I try to use its
help, all I get is an empty help window. Nothing happens when I click on
"contents" or if I try to search for anything.

I tried to run the setup's "fix installation" or whatever it is called and
had no luck. The setup program now won't even let me uninstall openoffice. I
tells me I must quit openoffice first (even when I am not running anything

There are also other things wrong with the install, like, for instance, the
spell checker does not work at all either.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Since I am so new to linux, please forgive the
stupidity of this question. Coming for Windows, I am used to programs
intalling themselves and creating shortcuts in the "start" menu. Is this not
the case with X applications? Neither netscape nor openoffice created any
shortcuts after installation. Its not a big deal, but it just seems like
something I though would be automatic.

Anyway, thank you for any help you can provide


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