Partitioning may have screwed up floppy disk writes

Partitioning may have screwed up floppy disk writes

Post by Jeff Mill » Fri, 24 Feb 1995 12:16:18

I have a problem that someone in this group may help with...

When I installed Linux, I partitioned my IDE C: and D: drives with FIPS.
Then I needed to increase partition sizes for Linux.  FIPS only splits
DOS partitions, FDISK for DOS requires a wipe and restore, I forget why I
believed that FDISK for Linux couldn't do what I needed. So I thought I
could use Norton Disk Editor to maybe do what FIPS does but manually.  

Sure enough!  I could display the partition tables and with a little
figuring I managed to modify the boundaries without losing any DOS data
at the low end of the drive.  I used FIPS ability to test the integrity
of the boot record and partition table to verify everything worked.  
During this I had to patch values in hex to change partition types from 6
for DOS to 82 and 83 for Linux's ext2 and swap partition types
because Norton doesn't understand partition types other than DOS. FIPS
also reported inconsistancy between the total number of sectors in the
boot file vs partition table which required me to patch the boot record
as well.

I have used this successfully for DOS and Linux for about a week but now
notice that I can't write to 3.5 in. floppy disk correctly.  Files
I've written recently read with "serious disk error" and DOS's SCANDISK
reports bad data. The same symptoms occur with two difference diskette
drives. I wonder if there is some other magic number in the boot record
or partition table that can cause this symptom?  If I have messed things
up, can I recover without a full backup and restore?

thanks in advance,



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