trouble initializing my modem

trouble initializing my modem

Post by pluc.. » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I've got a problem with my external modems under linux.
I know the modems are all right (running Win98, I can use them).
I have also been able to use them under linux, and they were working
Yesterday, I installed a second modem (a USR one). The modem was
present, but minicom couldn't initialize it. I tried to change the
settings and got no results. Eventually, I turned the computer off,
changed the modem's serial port, and suddenly it worked perfectly!
However, after the next reboot, the problem was back. This is annoying,
but acceptable as I only want my modem to be dialed in under linux (and
when the modem's dialed in, everything's fine).
Meanwhile, I took my oldest modem (an Olitec one) to another PC, running
the same version of Linux (Mandrake 6.0). The Olitec had never got any
problem with linux. It also worked with this other PC yesterday, but
today, after a reboot, it gave me the same problem that the USR.
Minicom says different things when trying to initialize, it can be:
*       ..+++
*       AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &c1 E1 Q0
which is the good init string, but I still can't type 'at'
*       TQ0V1H0
minicom always gets stuck after this. Then I'm forced to kill it.

Kind of a voodoo trick, isn't it?

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1. Trouble initializing PPI modem for fax transmission


I have a PPI PM14400FXSA modem and I am having some trouble
getting it to work correctly with a fax program I am running under
the Linux OS.

I followed the instructions in the PPI FAQ and got this
when I issue the the "ATI3" command.  The version string is
1.21 and the data pump rev is 1A4.

The PPI FAQ seems to indicate that this revision is too old
to handle certain fax commands.  I called PPI tech support and
they said that this modem will support faxing.  Who's right?

I am using the efax05a package to send faxes.  It uses an
init string that looks like this:


This command resulted in an "ERROR" message from the modem.  I
played around and "AT+FCLASS=0" seems to succeed.  Other than
that, I am stumped!

Has anyone gotten the efax05a package running with this modem?
If anyone could give me some information on setting up the modem
to send faxes, I would appreciate that, too!

Thanks for any information!
Greg Larkin
Viewlogic Systems, Inc.  
Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA

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